The Amazing Spiderman 3 is out on DVD

p159366_p_v8_abSpiderman, The Flintstones and Hercules were amine back when I was a kid and for this reason alone I was excited to see how Marvel would introduce the villains of Electro and Rhino as they try to grow this rebooted franchise(maybe in a sinister six direction)…unfortunately I soon found myself very disappointed. I use to run out and buy every superhero movie as it was released but now I rent first and this movie was a great example of why I do such. Electro was the main focus and I really did not care for Jamie Fox at all, the acting throughout was as awkward as the story was. This super hero flick quickly lost my attention as even the quirky beauty of Gwen Stacy faded.

If you think about it Rhino and Electro are a hard sell so you do have to give Disney/Marvel props for doing such, it just did not work for me. As always the special effects looked great for Spiderman but every villains look was just lame to me.