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War of the Worlds – Goliaths

War-of-the-Worlds-Goliath[1]One of the things I like about Netflix is finding new anime to watch. “War of Worlds Goliath” is a throw back to what would happen after the well known Sci-fi book event “War of the Worlds” by H.G. Wells (published in 1898) had taken place. These books inspired T.V., radio, hollywood and now anime. This was an original take on humanity after being invaded by good old Martians! What ever would we do… It was a great find as I enjoyed the timeline, the technology and the animation. It was action packed.











Guardians of the Galaxy – The must see movie of SUMMER 2014!

guardiansWhat a great RIDE! This movie was a tribute to how far technology has come pulling of a huge feat in bringing a series of human actors together with C.G.I characters(Groot and Rocket) in the fun/funniest way I have seen yet. Then to top it all off they somehow perfectly blended in tunes from the 60 or 70’s into a sci-fi/hero flick ending up with a solid sound trac to boot. I knew little about the “Guardians of the Galaxy” but after this one I’m a fan, this is a space ship full of fun that is worth owning.


The Amazing Spiderman 3 is out on DVD

p159366_p_v8_abSpiderman, The Flintstones and Hercules were amine back when I was a kid and for this reason alone I was excited to see how Marvel would introduce the villains of Electro and Rhino as they try to grow this rebooted franchise(maybe in a sinister six direction)…unfortunately I soon found myself very disappointed. I use to run out and buy every superhero movie as it was released but now I rent first and this movie was a great example of why I do such. Electro was the main focus and I really did not care for Jamie Fox at all, the acting throughout was as awkward as the story was. This super hero flick quickly lost my attention as even the quirky beauty of Gwen Stacy faded.

If you think about it Rhino and Electro are a hard sell so you do have to give Disney/Marvel props for doing such, it just did not work for me. As always the special effects looked great for Spiderman but every villains look was just lame to me.




The Wolverine (2013)

wolverineAs usually I will not got into the plot but will mention they really tried to direct this movie to the North American and Japanese. I had read the comics around the storyline and I think it affected my opinion on the movie. While watching the movie I found I expected more and ended up more wondering about things then enjoying the movie. I think the story was fairly solid I just did not like the acting/directing of one villains, there are some things you can pull off in a comic but when not in Hollywood, it just does not work for me. Hell, I am still waiting on a the real Sabretooth and Maverick to show up in any of the X-men and Wolverine movies not some little Japanese chick side kick. Its kind of like waiting on toast in the morning, I always wonder how it will turn out, in this case its been burnt way to often. Unless Thor: The Dark World, saves the year I will see Marvel/Disney as pushing Hollywood blah over comic stuff. Stay tuned for that review same bat time same bat channel…





Iron Man 3 review

ironman 3
The world seemed to love this movie, yet few I know said they liked it and after seeing the movie I
understand why. The movie left me with a weak impression of Tony Stark as they focused on his emotional state after the Avengers movie then at best the Ironman armors were lame on top of the fact War Machine became the Iron Patriot. So maybe the villains could carry the movie? ERNNNNETT!(best attempt at failing buzzer sound)… that is 4 strikes YOU”RE SOOoOoO OUT! The success of Avengers movie carried this movie to any value to watch(I did not like Iron Man 2) and then Hollywood just dumped number three on our lap. Hell even the little clip past the credits made no sense to me.


I gave it  2 out of 5  WhiteFire heads.. very sad…


Man of Steel – (Superman 2013) review

supermanAs kids, me and my friend Chris would spend hours creating Superman “S”’s out of paper and taping them onto our t-shirts. Then awaiting my mother’s distraction, we would take towels from the closet and run off(errr… fly off) using the towels as capes. We were inspired to do such things by the Superman movies starring Christopher Reeve.

After the failure of the 2006 movie “Superman Returns” and soap opera TV series, I entered the theater with a glimmer of hope as Christopher Nolan’s nose was in on this project. A smart move by DC as I am not a Zack Snyder fan. I had never apologized for taking someone to a movie before ‘The Watchmen”,  happy to say no apologies needed here.

Note I always stay away from movies plot and details… T

The movie had a surprising strong sci-fi feel, and the villain and story made sense, it was fresh story, and not a repeat of stories told before. As in all superhero movies the villain casting/story is critical, and it was very well done. It took time to warm up to the actress playing Lois Lane, though the Superman casting was excellent and I am sure the ladies are fans. Henry Cavill was a strong Superman and arguably as good if not better suited for the role then Christopher Reeve was in his day. The movie had great special effects which is a trait of a Zack Snyder, but there were fight scenes where the effects were overwhelming. I have to say the costume looked modern and cool.

Overall I really enjoyed the movie but was not going out and buying a cape after the show ;-). I gave it 4 WhiteFire heads out of 5.


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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2012)

GhostRiderVillainsFinally I saw Ghost Rider II. After the first one I was really concerned how badly they could run this series into the ground. Once again they did a crap job. I am thinking Nicolas cage is poison to the movies and I really wonder about the directors.

The positives were the special effects and the introduction of TRUE Ghost Rider foes. This series need to go is to dark places, more of a horror style. I am guessing Disney will never let Marvel go there. Wolverine has already been robbed of ghostrider2his cigar.


PG-13, 1 hr. 35 min.
Directed By: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor
Written By: David S. Goyer



Green Lantern is out on DVD.

Green Lantern

I finally saw the Green Lantern movie. I knew little about this heroes story, other then it seems to have a degree of cult followers and he is cosmic. I went in with low expectations and was still disappointed. To its credit its hard to do cosmic heroes like this.

Maybe a younger generation would like it better. The special affects were good to reasonable. The acting was acceptable. The Story just seemed lame. The alien Corps leader with the mustache seemed pretty human looking to me(on top of Chezzy!).

It was the final confrontation that flushed this movie right down the toilet. What was truly odd is I did not realize the final fight was, the final fight of the movie. I sat there mid-confrontation thinking this can be it. I just expected more(I will not go into details as some may be planning to see it).


Green Lantern
  • Abin Sur
  • Hal and the Corps
In a universe as vast as it is mysterious, a small but powerful force has existed for centuries. Protectors of peace and justice, they are called the (more…)
49% liked it

PG-13, 1 hr. 45 min.

Director: Martin Campbell

Box Office: $24.8k

Released: Jun 17, 2011

DVD: Oct 14, 2011


Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance trailer – February 2012

Well they released a trailer. Unfortunately its not what I wanted to see once more. I think they need to take this movie back to square one and go a darker route. More darkness like the Underworld movie series.

Where are the villains? The villains so blew in the first one. I fear the same here. The animation looks better but still short of expectations. We need some demon vs. demon stuff that rocks. Or get the demon out of blaze and get him hunting it.

Hollywood call me ;-)!