The Wolverine (2013)

wolverineAs usually I will not got into the plot but will mention they really tried to direct this movie to the North American and Japanese. I had read the comics around the storyline and I think it affected my opinion on the movie. While watching the movie I found I expected more and ended up more wondering about things then enjoying the movie. I think the story was fairly solid I just did not like the acting/directing of one villains, there are some things you can pull off in a comic but when not in Hollywood, it just does not work for me. Hell, I am still waiting on a the real Sabretooth and Maverick to show up in any of the X-men and Wolverine movies not some little Japanese chick side kick. Its kind of like waiting on toast in the morning, I always wonder how it will turn out, in this case its been burnt way to often. Unless Thor: The Dark World, saves the year I will see Marvel/Disney as pushing Hollywood blah over comic stuff. Stay tuned for that review same bat time same bat channel…





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