Finally Wacom did it! They are relasing a Cintiq Companion which is a tablet!

Wacom announced it release of a portable Cinitq called the Cintiq Companion(released in October 2013). They really left me puzzled when I saw a windows 8 version and android, but hey it was a real happy puzzled state! Both are 13.3 inch screens and have a express keys built in which is pretty damn cool, I love these keys and used them on my Cintiq and traditional Intous 4 tablet. It also has duel USB ports, it has all the bells and whistles for an artist. But is this bad timing? They seem really late?

I waited for years for this device to come into existence before giving up and buying a Samung Galaxy Note tablet and have been very happy with it, Yes it android but the pen is a Wacom stylus and there are uTubes on configuring its pen pressure, this device combined with a bunch of note taking apps and the Autodesk Sketchbook app have left me quite happy at a third to a quarter of the price of Wacom’s Cintiq Companion. This makes me think the strength of the Cintiq Companion will be focused around Windows 8 users who want full blown applications like Corel Painter or Adobe Photoshop. A good note here would be that Windows 8 tablets without a Wacom pen(Like the Windows Surface) have no pen pressure support in Windows art Applications (like Adobe Photoshop) due to Adobe not supporting the OS drivers for pen pressure(they relied on Wacom devices in the PC market).

It is a great time for artists looking for tablets!

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