Iron Man 3 review

ironman 3
The world seemed to love this movie, yet few I know said they liked it and after seeing the movie I
understand why. The movie left me with a weak impression of Tony Stark as they focused on his emotional state after the Avengers movie then at best the Ironman armors were lame on top of the fact War Machine became the Iron Patriot. So maybe the villains could carry the movie? ERNNNNETT!(best attempt at failing buzzer sound)… that is 4 strikes YOU”RE SOOoOoO OUT! The success of Avengers movie carried this movie to any value to watch(I did not like Iron Man 2) and then Hollywood just dumped number three on our lap. Hell even the little clip past the credits made no sense to me.


I gave it  2 out of 5  WhiteFire heads.. very sad…


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